Fire Haven Breeding Chart: A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you a fan of the Fire Haven island in My Singing Monsters? Do you want to collect all the monsters in this element? If yes, then the Fire Haven Breeding Chart is a must-have tool for you. In this guide, we will discuss the importance of having a breeding chart, the key points of the Fire Haven breeding, and practical tips on how to breed the rarest monsters in this island.

Why You Need a Fire Haven Breeding Chart

Breeding monsters in My Singing Monsters can be a challenging and time-consuming task. With hundreds of possible combinations, it’s easy to get lost and waste your resources on unsuccessful attempts. That’s where a breeding chart comes in handy. It provides you with a clear and organized list of all the possible combinations and their success rates, making your breeding process more efficient and enjoyable.

Key Points of Fire Haven Breeding


The Fire Haven island features monsters with the Fire element as their primary or secondary element. This means that you need to breed monsters with the Fire element or their hybrids to get the Fire Haven monsters.

Rare Monsters

Fire Haven has some of the rarest monsters in the game, such as Rare Wubbox, Rare Reebro, and Rare Whisp. Breeding these monsters requires specific combinations and a bit of luck. However, the rewards are worth the effort, as they have unique soundtracks and animations that enhance your gameplay experience.

StarShop Monsters

Fire Haven also has exclusive monsters that you can only obtain from the StarShop, such as Fluoress, Drimew, and Ziggurab. These monsters require Starpower to unlock, which you can earn from completing goals, leveling up, and participating in events.

Practical Tips for Fire Haven Breeding

Use the Breeding Chart

The Fire Haven Breeding Chart is your ultimate guide to breeding monsters in this island. It shows you all the possible combinations and their success rates, allowing you to plan your breeding strategy and avoid wasting your resources.

Breed during the Right Season

Some monsters in Fire Haven have specific breeding seasons that increase their success rates. For example, Rare Wubbox has a higher success rate during the Summer season. Make sure to check the Seasonal Breeding Schedule in the game to know the best time to breed your desired monsters.

Speed up Breeding with Wishing Torches

Wishing Torches are essential items that increase the chance of a successful breeding. You can obtain Wishing Torches by lighting up the torches on your friends’ islands or purchasing them with Diamonds. Use Wishing Torches to speed up your breeding process and increase your chances of getting rare monsters.


Breeding monsters in Fire Haven can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. With the Fire Haven Breeding Chart and these practical tips, you can increase your chances of obtaining the rarest monsters and completing your collection. So, what are you waiting for? Start breeding and unleash the power of Fire Haven!

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